Natalie Portman's Christian Dior Oscars 2012 Dress Sells For £30,000!

Natalie Portman was one of the most talked about stars at last week’s Oscar Awards (see our coverage here). Our Fashion Jury absolutely adored the elegant red 1954 Christian Dior Haute Couture strapless silk gown she was wearing. The dress had beautifully subtle polka dot print and its silhouette was very simple. As a mother - and reportedly a wife - this was a great grown up approach for the Oscar-winning star.

We have done a little hunting since then, to see where Portman’s dress would end up. Unlike the other stars that borrow current season dresses from designers, this one wasn’t a loan, so everyone wondered what Portman’s stylist would do with it. At last we’ve managed to track it down! A private couture collector in London bought the dress on Monday for, wait for it, $50,000 - that's approximatley £31,650. Ouch! The dress was for sale from RARE Vintage, the New York based vintage couture dealer for American vintage couture, art and antique dealers

Our esteemed Fashion Juror Antonio Berardi (click here to see the designer's Autumn Winter 2012 collection) said this of gorgeous Natalie Portman’s outfit – “Natalie can make anything look like a million dollars. Considering her jewels probably cost that much, this is like a double-whammy. Her dress is the best example of red-carpet dressing – a masterclass in timeless elegance.”

Couldn’t have said it better ourselves Berardi. That mysterious couture collector really has got their hands on a piece of Oscar fashion history. Bravo!


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