NASA Space Dummy Gets Official Name

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NASA Space Dummy Gets Official Name

The public have named the 'Moonikin' that will fly around the moon on NASA's Artemis I Mission.

The male dummy, now called Commander Moonikin Campos, will be accompanied by two female-bodied human torsos, named Zohar and Helga.

He will ride on Artemis I, NASA's uncrewed flight test of the Space Launch System (SLS) rocket and Orion spacecraft around the Moon later this year.

The Moonikin received its name as the result of a competitive bracket polling contest honouring NASA figures, programmes, or astronomical objects. NASA received more than 300,000 votes in their polls.

The name Campos is a dedication to Arturo Campos, a key player in bringing Apollo 13 safely back to Earth.

The final bracket challenge was between Campos and Delos, a reference to the island where Apollo and Artemis were born in Greek mythology.

The Moonikin is a male-bodied manikin previously used in Orion vibration tests. Campos will occupy the commander's seat inside and wear an Orion Crew Survival System suit - the same spacesuit that Artemis astronauts will use during launch, entry, and other dynamic phases of their missions.

Campos will be equipped with two radiation sensors and have additional sensors under its headrest and behind its seat to record acceleration and vibration data throughout the mission. The data will help NASA protect astronauts during Artemis II, the first mission in more than 50 years that will send crew around the Moon.

The Moonikin is one of three "passengers" flying aboard Orion to test the spacecraft's systems - with Zohar and Helga named by Israel and Germany's space agencies.

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