Naomi Scott: ‘Simplicity is key in my beauty regime’

Naomi Scott says ‘simplicity is key’ in her style and beauty regimes credit:Bang Showbiz
Naomi Scott says ‘simplicity is key’ in her style and beauty regimes credit:Bang Showbiz

Naomi Scott says “simplicity is key” in her style and beauty regimes.

The ‘Aladdin’ actress, 29, who married her footballer husband Jordan Spence, 32, in 2014, added she likes to “see skin” as it is “very sexy” and added she has a series of carefully honed simple rituals that keep her skin and hair in top form.

She told Britain’s Harper’s Bazaar magazine about her make-up regime: “Seeing skin is very sexy; not hiding every imperfection.

“My make-up routine is just about accentuating my features. I do my eyebrows and I’ll do a little eyeliner with Rare Beauty’s eyeliner, which is dope.

“It’s just to accentuate the shape of my eye – it’s the smallest flick of cat eye. “Then I’ll use Givenchy lip liner in Moka Renversant – it’s a deeper version of my lip colour – and I’ll dab on a Bobbi Brown lipstick in Bold Honey, which gives it a bit of shimmer. It’s timeless and still feels natural.”

She added about her minimalist skincare routine: “Simplicity is key. I use the Haeckels face wash and moisturiser. It works very well for me. If I’m feeling extra dry, I’ll use the exfoliator.

“I do the same thing in the evening. I’ve also just got a quartz roller to help get the blood flowing.”

She admitted she has taken many tips from make-up artists over the years before deciding what works for her.

Naomi said: “I’ve learnt to understand what tones work for my skin and what products work best for me. I’m more likely to use a light foundation, like MAC Face and Body, and I really like using colours that are in my skin tone; I use warmer tones, never any cold colours or anything that has a blue or pink undertones. I lean into the browns.”

And on her fragrance choice, she said: “Chloé Nomade Jasmin Naturel Intense is strong enough for me to wear every day but it’s also really fresh and floral. I don’t put a lot of things on my skin as I’m really sensitive so I either spray it on my clothes or mist it in the air and walk through it… I’ve always loved Chloé: I love how they march to the beat of their own drum.

“I love the smell of the perfume and that it’s vegan. I wear it every day and I literally always get comments on it. My male friends love it and have started wearing it too; it’s not just for women.”