Nando’s is Launching Vegan Perinaise In January

Anna Lewis
Photo credit: Nando's

From Delish

January is all about making New Year’s resolutions… and breaking them by the time February rolls around. But making a resolution to be vegan in 2020 may actually be easier than you’d think thanks to all the incredible vegan launches happening at the beginning of the year.

McDonald’s is launching its first vegan meal, Greggs has a vegan menu winging its way to us, and now Nando’s is getting in on the plant-based act.

The chicken restaurant is launching a vegan Perinaise, which will make all your fry-dipping dreams come true.

Yes, Nando’s is a chicken joint, but it does actually cater for vegetarians and vegans, so this is exciting news. The two vegetarian mains, the Sweet Potato And Butternut Burger and the Supergreen burger, can both be made vegan by asking for vegan Perinaise instead of regular mayonnaise as of January. How dreamy is that?

Photo credit: Nando's

A pot of the vegan Perinaise will set you back 60p in Nando’s restaurants, and you can also get a big ol’ bottle of the stuff in Tesco for £1.90.

If you’re not that into Nando’s, how about we tell you more about McDonald’s upcoming vegan launch instead?

Maccies’ Veggie Dippers are made with red pepper, rice, sundried tomato pesto and split peas, and are surrounded by light and crispy breadcrumbs. They’ve been accredited by The Vegan Society and everything!

Photo credit: McDonald's

Customers will be able to order the dippers a part of a meal with Vegan Society approved fries and a soft drink. This meal will set you back £4.99. They’ll also be available as part of a Happy Meal following the success of the first vegetarian Happy Meal earlier this year. A Veggie Dippers Happy Meal (which includes the dippers, a vegan side of your choice – either vegetable bag, fruit bag or fries – and water or a Fruit Shoot) will cost £2.99.

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