Naked Attraction contestant shares advice host Anna Richardson offered when cameras stopped rolling

Anna Richardson
-Credit:Channel 4

A Naked Attraction star has revealed how the show's presenter, Anna Williamson, gave her a serious warning once the cameras stopped rolling.

Chrissie Wunna, 43, rose to prominence on series 11 of the risqué Channel 4 show - hosted by Anna, who recently opened up to OK! about her own love life. As the chooser, Chrissie had the power to pick the man she wanted to date based solely on his body parts - before baring all herself.

From discussing her preference for "really big" penises to her date not going to plan, Chrissie was certainly a memorable contestant. But it seems host Anna had some sage advice for Chrissie when filming came to a close.

Chrissie Wunna
Naked Attraction star Chrissie Wunna has opened up about her time on the Channel 4 show and revealed how host Anna Richardson issued her a warning after filming -Credit:Instagram

With over 38k Instagram followers and a spicy adult site, Chrissie is well-versed in capturing her fans attention. However, speaking to the Daily Star recently, Chrissie shared how since the show aired, she's been "finding it difficult to find Mr. Right."

She explained: "Everyone just judges me on a 'sexy' persona instead of getting to know the real me! I'm naturally like that, it's not like I'm a librarian trying to be sl*ggy, I am naturally sl*ggy!"

Struggling with her love life, Chrissie sought advice from Anna to see where she was going wrong after her Naked Attraction appearance - and the TV star didn't mince her words.

Anna Richardson
Anna advised Chrissie to switch up her social media content -Credit:Channel 4

"Anna gave me advice to not be overtly sexy and said she felt that my socials were selling a very different version of me. She said I'll definitely find a man that way," said Chrissie.

Confessing that at first she was taken aback by the advice, she said: "At first when she told me I was like 'Oh no why are you telling me that? When I've just taken all my clothes off for you on the show!".

However, the advice seems to have done the trick, with Chrissie adding that men want to 'marry her' since she switched up her content.

Chrissie Wunna
Chrissie's luck with men has picked up since following the advice -Credit:Chrissie Wunna

And appreciating the honest from Anna, Chrissie, who has since appeared on numerous other TV shows including Steph's Packed Lunch, showered the host with compliments - admitting that she would 'fancy her' if she wasn't straight.

While she added that her DMs haven't been quiet since the show, with reality stars from both the UK and the US sliding in to chat - after Naked Attraction hit screens across the pond last year.