Nadiya Sawalha shared sweet throwbacks in an honest post about 19 years of marriage

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Photo credit: Mike Marsland - Getty Images
Photo credit: Mike Marsland - Getty Images

Nadiya Sawalha has shared a series of throwbacks detailing 19 years of her marriage to husband Mark Adderley.

Alongside the photographs, Nadiya wrote an honest message about the realities of making a marriage work and the highs and lows the couple faced over the years.

Nadiya described Mark as “smart, talented and bonkers” and said he was a “fabulous father to [their]beautiful girls” and “the most supportive loving husband.”

However, she also admitted that they “almost didn’t make it" and wanted to share their experience as she felt that, “too often when people post about their relationships on [social media] it can all be a bit hearts and flowers! And that can be so damn intimidating and depressing for those that might be struggling with their own relationship.”

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Nadiya said she wanted to share “the truth”, admitting that although she and Mark knew when they first met that they would end up together, “at the time we were both so unhappy for very different reasons. We were self medicating our feelings with bottles of booze and crazy behaviours.”

Despite all the difficulties, the Loose Women presenter said the couple “came to the realisation that we were going have to get on with the graft of making it work.

"Couples counselling, staying when we’ve wanted to leave, listening when we’ve not wanted to, compromising when we’d rather have died.”

Nadiya said, “our marriage in some ways is a beautiful disaster and I wouldn’t have had it any other way,” and reminded others that “a lasting relationship takes conscious effort.”

Thanks to all the hard work, the pair are now celebrating 19 years together and Nadiya finished by saying that she believes they “saved each other” and thanking Mark “for being exactly the way" he is.

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