Mystery Blob Washes Up On Beach

·1-min read

A mysterious blob has washed up on a North Carolina beach.

Local National parks officials posted an image of the mass on Tuesday (18 May) to ask if anyone knew what it was.

They said: "Beach mystery - Do you know what this mysterious mass is? It was found a few months ago on the beach. So far it has escaped being identified - although it might be something like the egg sacks of a squid (but we aren't sure). Anyone want to take a stab at identifying it for us?"

They described the image as "a mass of finger-shaped clear sacks holding white eggs(?) lying on the sand."

Suggestions from the public so far include: "Egg mass of an inshore squid, family Loliginidae. Same family as the Calif market squid," "an old mop head", and "2 pair gloves, Eye glasses, Bracelet, Fishing line with a fishing lures and the rest if I don't know."

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