Mysterious set of hands in woman’s video terrifies TikTok users

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After rewatching a random video she took, a woman spotted someone — or something — in the background that she couldn’t explain. At least, that’s what she led TikTokers to believe.

The woman, whose name is Sakura, decided to upload her video to TikTok to get other people’s opinions about what exactly she was seeing.

“I was working on a video about finding this swing and I know it might be nothing but it’s bothering me,” Sakura explains in the video.

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At first, the video is perfectly wholesome: All you see is Sakura running over to a swing overlooking a scenic view of Los Angeles. She looks elated to be trying the swing out.

However, things quickly take a dark turn. When Sakura replays the video, she zooms in on one of the rocks by the edge of a cliff — and there appears to be hands hanging on. What’s even stranger is that within seconds, the hands seem to disappear.

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ghost hands tiktok
Credit: TikTok/@cucumbrane

As Sakura rewinds the video, she asks her followers, “I’m not crazy, am I? Those are hands??? And they disappear???????”

Sakura’s followers definitely did not think she was crazy.

“THOSE ARE CLEARLY HANDS,” one disturbed user wrote.

“That made me uncomfy,” another added.

“Pls I just got chills,” a third commented.

Sadly, though, the footage is not real, and Sakura tricked us all. In a follow-up video, she explained that the entire video was just part of a bet with her BuzzFeed coworkers.

“I’m sorry. I work for BuzzFeed. They wanted me to do a video for BuzzFeed Unsolved and they said, ‘Bet you can’t make a viral video,’ and I was like, ‘Haha, wrong!'” she explained.

Welp. Don’t believe everything you see on the internet.

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