Mysterious humming noise plagues city of 210,000 - and it won’t go away

Rob Waugh

Locals describe the ‘Windsor hum’ as sounding like an idling engine, or the boom of subwoofers at a concert – and it has lasted for years.

The ‘hum’ rattles windows and makes wall hangings tremble, locals in Windsor have said.

Other have described it as sounding like Star Trek’s Enterprise hitting warp speed.

The Canadian city of Windsor sits across the river from Detroit, and locals initially blamed industry for the sound.

the Windsor hum

But after years of the Windsor hum, it’s still not clear where it’s coming from.

Sabrina Wiese said in a Facebook group dedicated to the mysterious noise, ‘You know how you hear of people who have gone out to secluded places to get away from certain sounds or noises?


‘I’ve wanted to do that many times in the past year or so, becasuse it has gotten so bad.

‘Imagine having to flee all you know and love to have a chance to hear nothing humming in your head for hours on end.