Mysterious... Cadbury's New Mystery Bars Come In Two Unknown Flavours

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It’s been a brilliant year for new Cadbury chocolate bar releases, from Dairy Milk Mint to the Caramel Twirl, to just about every variation of Platinum Jubilee edible joy that Cadbury could muster. And while the chocolate giant usually LOVES to spread news of their newest releases far and wide, they’re holding some of the most important details of their closest release suspiciously close to their chest…

This week, news broke that Cadbury is releasing two BRAND new Dairy Milk chocolate bars. The only difference with this release, though, is we have absolutely no clue what the flavours are.

Cadbury is daring curious fans to have a go at guessing the two flavours lurking within the Mystery Bars. Guess correctly, and you could be in with a chance of winning £5k!

The Mystery Bars, as Cadbury is dubbing them, appear to be Dairy Milk chocolate with a creamy pale filling. But what flavours lurk inside?

Will the bars be stuffed with a flavour from Cadbury’s current output? Is each bar a brand-new foray into something fruity? Or dessert-themed? The fillings could even be savoury or purposefully rank for all we know. Or do we know…? Why, that would be telling, wouldn’t it.

(We don’t know.)

The bars go in stock today, 14 July, on Cadbury Gifts Direct. Grab yourself Mystery Bar 01, Mystery Bar 02, or a gift box with both, grab your friends and have a taste-test-guessing party. Each user on Cadbury Gifts Direct gets one shot a day at guessing each bar’s secret flavour. So what are you waiting for?! Chuck some bars in your cart, guess the flavours and start reeling in that cash money, honey!

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