OK, So This Poison Apple Candle Holder Is All Over the Web, and Here's Where You Can Buy It

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Friendly PSA: there's a Snow White-themed poison apple candle holder that's been circling the web for years, and right now it's on Amazon. Leave it to the online retailer to have the sold-out Disney Poison Apple Candle Holder ($45) in its clutches and available for delivery before October even starts. Spotted on ShopDisney.com when it first came out years ago, this fairy-tale-inspired decor piece sold out, and it sold out fast.

Each year, Disney- and Halloween-lovers alike scour sites to buy this hard-to-find item, and since we know how quickly items can get snatched up, we came up with a plan B for you, too. We did the dirty work and found a homemade candle (courtesy of TikTok) that you can buy, and it looks just like the holder, but in wax form. You can display it until you get the infamous poison apple candle holder, or you can just stock up on these and light them every night until Halloween - we won't judge. If you're feeling like you're made of magic, head to Amazon now and see if you can get the must-have holder before it sells out again. Good luck and happy hauntings!


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