Musicians face unbelievable abuse, says Julian Lennon

Julian Lennon has slammed the music industry credit:Bang Showbiz
Julian Lennon has slammed the music industry credit:Bang Showbiz

Julian Lennon thinks musicians face an "unbelievable" amount of abuse.

The 60-year-old musician - who is the son of Beatles icon John Lennon - has revealed that he's "reviewing" his life with the thought of potentially writing about the relationship between artists and their record labels.

He told PEOPLE: "I was going back over things that have happened to me in the past and I was actually shocked at how the industry and the people in the industry treat artists.

"I mean, it's disturbing, it truly is. The abuse is unbelievable."

Julian released his seventh album, 'Jude', in September, after previously suggesting that he wouldn't make another record.

The award-winning star loves the process of writing and recording music - but he's not a fan of the music industry.

He said: "I've never stopped working in music, whether that's writing or singing with other people. It doesn't matter what the level of success is, it's whether you have that connection with music.

"So, I've never stopped, and I always like doing it. I've just never liked the business."

Julian has achieved significant success during his career. But he still feels the need to prove himself and to distinguish himself from his dad, who died in December 1980, aged 40.

Reflecting on his time in the music business, Julian explained: "The name got me in the front door, no question about that. [But] I was signed without my name.

"I've had the feeling of having had to prove myself even up till now to a certain degree. But I do believe that I've reached that kind of headspace and that position where I shouldn't really care anymore. It's really about getting on with the creative work at hand, regardless what medium that is."