Some musicians are afraid to be honest, says John Legend

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John Legend believes musicians are afraid to be honest credit:Bang Showbiz
John Legend believes musicians are afraid to be honest credit:Bang Showbiz

John Legend thinks some musicians are "afraid" to voice their honest opinions.

The 43-year-old star and his wife Chrissy Teigen have both been outspoken about various political and social issues over recent years - but John feels some artists remain afraid of losing fans.

He shared: "The artists who feel like they can’t talk about what they believe, they’re probably more stressed than I am - they’re afraid they’re going to lose fans. I don’t feel that fear.

"I say the things that I’m passionate about and I believe in, and it feels liberating. This is who I want to be in the world."

Despite this, John acknowledges it's tough to reach people on the other side of the political divide in America.

He told The New Yorker magazine: "Most of my political work has been about encouraging people who are already inclined to think close to where I am to go out and vote and get involved. I don’t know how you persuade someone who believes differently than you do. And some of those beliefs are really strongly held.

"I have a lot of religious people in my life, for instance, and it’s hard to know how to convince someone when it feels like you’re speaking in an entirely different language."

Meanwhile, Chrissy previously revealed that she's determined to set a good example for her kids.

The model confessed to cyberbullying in 2021, but after quitting alcohol and reflecting on her past behaviour, Chrissy is desperate to set a positive example for her young children.

The pregnant star - who already has Luna, six, and Miles, four - said: "[I appreciate] having this period of time to digest it all and to look back and to realise that honestly, there's always so much time to grow and to learn and to become more empathetic."