Doctors discover 'mushrooms' growing inside a woman's ears

The doctors found mushroom-like spores when they looked inside the woman's ear. (Newsflare)

This is the shocking moment doctors discovered dozens of “mushrooms” growing inside a woman’s ears.

Doctors at a clinic in Vietnam’s Dien Bien province found the abnormal growths after a woman walked into the centre complaining her ears were itchy and painful.

Gruesome footage, filmed with an endoscopic camera, shows what the physicians saw when they looked inside.

According to the doctor who treated her, medics were surprised to discover hundreds of tiny mushroom-like structures growing.


It is believed an ear infection could be to blame for the bizarre condition.

Doctors said that if the spores had been left untreated, the woman’s ear canal could have been totally destroyed.

Soon after looking inside, the doctor quickly removed the growths from her ear.


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Fungal ear infections, known as “otomycosis”, vary in severity and can cause poor hearing, discharge, redness or pain.

Infections often happen if someone does not have enough ear wax, which protects the ear canal.

Ear infections are more common in tropical countries due to fungi growing faster in warm conditions.

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