Murder in Provence: Viewers distracted by detail in episode two

Murder in Provence continued with its second episode on Sunday night and while many viewers were compelled by the gripping plot, others were left distracted by one detail.

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The latest episode saw Roger Allam's Antoine and Keala Settle's Hélène investigate the death of an aristocrat found dead at his chateau. With the help of Antoine's romantic partner Marine, who joins the police as a consultant, the trio think they've cracked the case until another body turns up.

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Viewers took to Twitter after noticing a Birmingham accent in the drama, which is set in Aix, a town in southern France.

One person tweeted: "A gardener says 'I grew up at this chateau in Aix en Provence' but he sounds very Brummie," while another questioned: "Did I hear a Brummie accent in #MurderinProvence?"

A third person commented: "Loving the #Brummie accent among the plummy Brit voices in this 'French' drama!"

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The casting of British actors in a series set in France has been the subject of confusion for some viewers of the show since it began broadcasting on ITV last week.


Viewers spotted a Birmingham accent in episode two

One person tweeted: "Murder in Provence. I don't get it. A load of English people pretending to be French. Why not just do it in England?" while a second added: "One episode in and for a show set in France, #murderinprovence has a serious lack of French people."

A third viewer defended the drama, writing: "Well I loved #murderinprovence when I watched it on BritBox. Some people don't seem to understand it's based on books, so why would it be set anywhere but where the books are set? And if they all did fake accents folks would complain about that. Just suspend disbelief."


Endeavour star Roger Allam stars in the drama

Others also took to Twitter to praise the series, with another fan commenting: "Enjoyed this easy-to-watch new series, loved the actors and loved the comical but true inferences. A lovely few hours spent in good company. Lots more would be very welcome. A delight to watch."

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