Mumsnet user begged to reconsider naming baby daughter 'Princess'

The name “Princess” did not prove a hit with Mumsnet users. [Photo: Getty]
The name “Princess” did not prove a hit with Mumsnet users. [Photo: Getty]

A Mumsnet user has faced criticism on the parenting forum after asking for feedback on the baby name ‘Princess’.

The “Baby names” section is where parents-to-be post their prospective baby names for feedback.

An anonymous user started a thread in the section, asking: “What do you think of Princess for a girl?”

They have since received over 100 responses, with many of them criticising the “ridiculous” name and begging the user not to opt for something else.

“Ridiculous and she will refuse to use it eventually,” wrote one user, while another added: “Please give her another name!! Just think would you like to be called princess as a grown women!!”

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Others said, “I can’t roll my eyes hard enough. just, no,” and “Unless you’re giving birth to a teacup chihuahua, its a no from me.”

Some took issue with the royal nature of the name, calling the mum out for acting “special”.

One person wrote: “Having taught a Princess, a Prince and a King, do you have any idea how demeaning it is for an adult to call a child a name that implies some sort of hierarchy? Or anyone for that matter- how special do you think you are?!”

“No. Unless you’re a senior royal and planning to team it with a proper name.”

It reminded some of glamour model turned reality television star Katie Price’s daughter, who has the same moniker – “I think of Katie price.” [sic]

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Several helpful mums suggested “Sarah” or “Zara”, names that have the meaning “princess”.

However, a small number of people did support the mother’s baby name choice, suggesting it is normal in some other cultures and countries.

“There is an Australian singer called Prinnie (short for Princess). It suits her so I think this could be a nice nickname if you chose to use it,” wrote one person, while another said: “It’s quite normal in some cultures. My sister has taught Princess, Queen, God, Pretty, Beautiful and Darling.”

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Baby name debates are common on the internet, where everyone wants to weigh in on such important decisions.

Earlier this year, Reddit users supported a man who felt “really uncomfortable” that his wife wanted to name their baby after her late ex.

However, over in Scotland some are intent on standing out for the crowd: Awesome, Lucifer and Nun are just some of the unusual baby names chosen by Scottish parents this year.

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