Mum Sells Her Breast Milk To Pay For Children’s Christmas Presents

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So we know Christmas is a pricey time of year, but we’re not sure how many cash-strapped mums would be willing to sell their own breast milk to pay for their children's presents.

Rebecca Hudson, 26, has revealed that she’s selling her excess milk to raise some much-needed cash – and has so far made around £3,700. You’ve got to give her points for making use of what she's got.

Mum of four Rebecca Hudson sells her breast milk to raise cash (Rex)
Mum of four Rebecca Hudson sells her breast milk to raise cash (Rex)

Rebecca’s fourth daughter, Milly, was born prematurely and didn’t require very much milk – leaving her with lots spare that neither she, nor her local hospital, had any need for.

The mum of four appeared on This Morning to share her entrepreneurial plan, admitting she sells expressed milk for an impressive £12.50 a 5oz bottle to eight regular clients.

A couple of mums buy her milk and another client is a body builder (in the past few years drinking breast milk as a supplement has been gaining fans!).

Breast milk is packed with nutrients and goodness to help babies grow and develop so it's not a huge leap to assume it could be good for adults, too. But experts warn agains it as there's concern about the safety of drinking milk from donors who aren't properly screened.

But some of Rebecca's clients have even more, er, unusual uses for her expressed milk. The mum admits that some of them use the milk for "sexual purposes" - but she doesn't judge.

Breast milk is full of beneficial qualities and nutrients (Rex)
Breast milk is full of beneficial qualities and nutrients (Rex)

“What they do with the milk is up to them,” says Rebecca. “I’m not going to discriminate.

“There’s no difference for anyone who wants to use the milk, from a bodybuilder to someone who wants to use it sexually.”

Rebecca made clear her stand on drinking breast milk, saying that it’s completely “natural” and bursting with beneficial properties.

“Some think drinking breast milk is disgusting,” says Rebecca. “That’s their problem. It’s natural and full of vitamins.”

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Would you buy someone else’s breast milk? Let us know in the comments.

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