Mum returning from business trip greeted with 'Welcome home from prison!' sign at airport

Joanna Whitehead
istock/Getty Images

A woman returning from a business trip was greeted at the airport by her son holding a large sign that read: “Welcome home from prison, mom!”

Barbara Nielson from Oklahoma was travelling home following a week-long trip for a manufacturing company she works for in Arkansas.

The woman's son greeting her in the arrivals lounge (Facebook)

Her husband Brandon, and son, Daimen, went to the airport to meet her with the homemade sign in tow.

A photo shows Daimen smiling broadly while he holds the large sign.

Fortunately, Barbara saw the humour in the situation, posting the amusing incident on Facebook, which quickly went viral.

“Brandon is a jerk, lol. This is the sign Daimen was holding when I got off the plane,” the original post reportedly said.

Brandon isn’t the first to prank his partner with a comedy sign in the arrivals lounge. One woman met her friend with a bottle of fizz and a giant sign that read: “Kirsten, welcome home from rehab!”


Another picture shows a small bewildered child in front of a pram with a giant sign which reads: “Hey I just met you, and this is crazy, but my name’s Harper and I’m your baby!” in a witty play on words of the popular Carly Rae Jepsen hit “Call Me Maybe”.

One man posted a picture of himself with a large sign that said: “Tom, will you marry me?”. The joker said that he greets all his straight friends at the airport this way.

Labrador retriever at the airport (istock/Getty Images)

Those seeking a more affectionate greeting in arrivals migth appreciate flying into San Francisco International Airport. In 2013, the airport launched The Wag Brigade, a group of trained dogs for passengers to pet to improve the travelling experience. In 2016, a Juliana-breed pig named Lilou joined the team. Carefully chosen for their gentle temperament, the animals can be identified by vests which read “Pet me!”.