Delighted mum gives birth to healthy triplets after seven miscarriages

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After a string of seven heartbreaking miscarriages, a happy couple are celebrating the healthy birth of triplets.

The proud mum and dad are now at the head of a huge family of six, after years spent fearing they would never be able to have children.

Jenny Cash, 35, had her life all panned out after getting together with her childhood sweetheart Nathan, 35, when they were both just 17. They travelled the world with dreams of later on settling down and having a family.

But when Jenny fell pregnant in 2008 the couple's dreams were left in tatters when she suffered a miscarriage. And things got worse over the next two years as Jenny suffered through six further miscarriages.

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To her delight she eventually conceived a child in July 2011 but the biggest surprise was yet to come.

Just over a year later she fell pregnant again but she was stunned when doctors told her she was expecting triplets.

Jenny gave birth to two boys and a girl by caesarean on August 6 and now she is enjoying life as a mother of four.

Jenny, from Cambridge, said: "We were over the moon when we found out I was pregnant the first time.

"The 12-week scan was fine - but then Jenny had some bleeding. We went in and they said 'Sorry, there’s no heartbeat'.

"It was horrible, a nightmare. Then we had it six more times after that. And every time it was like ‘Here we go again’. It just kept happening.

"We never found out why we had the misccariages. We had tests, but they just said 'It's just one of those things, and if you can bear it, just keep trying'."

By 2010 the pair were at the end of their tether and almost ready to give up but decided to try one more time. This time the pregnancy was a success and in July 2011 they gave birth to their first daughter Alessia.

And at the end of last year Jenny discovered she was pregnant again. But at just seven weeks she began to bleed and thought she would have to re-live the nightmare of a miscarriage all over again.

But happily, the babies hung on and at 33 weeks pregnant Jenny gave birth.

Each of the tiny babies arrived just a minute apart with two boys, Jayden and Ben, weighing at 4lb 9oz coming first - soon followed by their 4lb 8oz sister, Taylor.

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Now Jenny is back home in Cambridge with her four children after what proved to be a bit of a manic labour.

She said: "They all came out crying. They were like a litter of kittens, with little tiny cries.

Nathan added: "I never thought we’d be a big family.

"I thought we’d be lucky to have two, and we’d be happy with two, so it’s kind of like 'POW' There you go.

"When I get to the big gates upstairs I’m going to tell God he’s been having a laugh with us. He’s taking the Mickey, isn’t he?"