Mum-to-be goes viral on TikTok after claiming pregnancy completely changed her face

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Photo credit: Getty Images

While there's many things about your body you can expect to change during pregnancy, like the foods you crave to the frequency with which you need to wee, one thing that's probably not on that list is your face. But, it seems a change in your appearance isn't entirely uncommon, as one mum-to-be has been documenting on TikTok.

Taking to the social media platform, Savannah Scott Lenfestey (who goes by the username @savannahlynnbeauty) shared a video with her followers which she claims shows just how much her face has changed during her pregnancy. In the clip, Savannah shares a series of screenshots of her face with text that reads: "My face before pregnancy vs. during pregnancy".

Her video quickly went viral, racking up over 2.9 million views with plenty of followers heading to the comments section to share their own experiences. "This is so normal for many pregnancies" said one TikToker, while another person commented "My nose was so swollen during pregnancy." A third TikToker added: "Every woman experiences pregnancy differently and we need to normalise all pregnancy journeys."

So, what exactly caused the changes to Savannah's face? According to the NHS, it's all to do with how the body swells up during pregnancy. "Swelling is caused by your body holding more water than usual when you're pregnant," the website explains. Typically, swelling occurs in the lowest parts of the body, "especially if the weather is hot or you have been standing a lot."

As for how to help reduce swelling during pregnancy, the NHS advises expectant mothers to avoid standing for long periods of time, and to rest with their feet up as much as possible. Other tips to help reduce swelling include drinking plenty of water (which, although sounds counterproductive, actually helps your body get rid of excess water). You can also try taking regular walks during the day.

Despite the changes to her face, and some negative backlash she received since posting her TikTok, Savannah shared a follow up video explaining that she's not concerned. "I just want to let it be known that I'm not always going to look like this. I had a c-section and I'm ten times more swollen than I even was during my pregnancy," she told her followers.

"But, honestly I don't even give a f***", she added. "I'm healing, I'm healthy and I love myself."

Hell yeah to that!

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