Woman gave birth while on the toilet just three days after being told she was ‘five or six weeks’ pregnant

Aimee Stevens had been told she was only fie or six weeks pregnant, three days later she gave birth. (SWNS)
Aimee Stevens had been told she was only fie or six weeks pregnant, three days later she gave birth. (SWNS)

A woman gave birth while on the toilet, just three days after being told she was five or six weeks pregnant.

Aimee Stevens, then 17, had gone to the toilet in the middle of the night after suffering from terrible stomach pain.

She describes feeling a “sudden relief” before looking down to discover her baby in the u-turn of the toilet.

The now 18-year-old waitress, from Calne, Wiltshire, had discovered she was pregnant as part of a routine appointment for a three-monthly contraceptive injection.

She had been told she was just five or six weeks into her pregnancy, so her baby son’s arrival just three days later was a complete shock.

Having seen her baby’s legs and bum poking out of the toilet, Stevens scooped him out and called to wake up her mum Becki, 40, who was sleeping downstairs, and had no idea she was going to be a grandma.

The new grandparent tied the cord with a strip she tore from her daughter’s work apron and called an ambulance while Stevens cut the cord with a pair of scissors.

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Doctors believe that 5lb 9oz Ché Andrew Cain was born around 38 weeks, but can’t say for sure because the new mum flushed the placenta down the loo.

Both mum and baby were totally healthy and only had to spend three days in hospital.

“I was in the worst pain ever, and throwing up in the sink next to me, then there was a feeling of such relief,” Stevens recalls of her son’s birth.

“I stood up and there he was in the u-bend, I could see little bent legs and a bum, so I picked him up and walked into my room.”

Entirely unaware she was pregnant, Stevens had had been studying for A levels and waiting tables at a restaurant.

She hadn’t noticed she was missing her periods because she was using the contraceptive injection, which had stopped her bleeding, and she had no bump or cravings.

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The new mum and baby shortly after arriving at hospital. (SWNS)
The new mum and baby shortly after arriving at hospital. (SWNS)

Three days before Ché was born, at a routine appointment for her three-monthly contraceptive injection, Stevens had revealed she was confused about some period-pain like cramps, so the nurse decided to do a pregnancy test.

The test took a while to reveal a faint positive result, so the nurse believed the mum-to-be would only be around five to six weeks pregnant.

“I felt everything all at once, and also nothing, I didn’t know what to do,” Stevens says after learning the news.

“My friend who was with me for the day went to hug me and I said ‘No, because I’ll cry’.

“I phoned baby’s dad, he was confused too.

“I just went home and tried to forget about it.

“I had no bump, no weight gain, no cravings, nothing, no one had noticed, not my friends, or people at work, or my mum who saw me every day.”

Aimee Stevens on her 17th birthday whilst 7.5 months pregnant. (SWNS)
Aimee Stevens on her 17th birthday whilst 7.5 months pregnant. (SWNS)

Two days later, on 11 July, the mum-to-be suffered stomach pains while she was with a friend, and having struggled through a driving lesson in the late afternoon while in pain, she decided to go to bed.

“It never entered my head they could be contractions, because I thought I was at most six weeks pregnant,” she explains.

“I thought they might be constipation, and would just pass eventually.

“I put hot towels on my stomach, but it got worse and worse and worse, and I was back and forth to the toilet.

“At midnight I decided to stay there until it passed, I was there for about 45 minutes.”

Ché was born at 12.45am on 12 July.

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Baby Ché is now 16 months old. (SWNS)
Baby Ché is now 16 months old. (SWNS)

After being taken by ambulance to Bath hospital, the new mum called her boss to explain why she couldn’t be at work for 6am, and WhatsApped her friends to give them the surprise news.

She says most people thought she was joking until she sent them some photos of the newborn.

Ché is now 16 months old and Stevens is back waitressing, although is currently on furlough.

Though she wasn’t able to complete her criminology, psychology and business A-levels at college, she plans to start studying social care soon.

While Ché’s arrival was a complete shock, Stevens says she quickly adapted to parenthood.

“We’ve got a really strong bond,” she says.

“It’s was so confusing, but when Ché first smiled at me it was just amazing, and I can’t think what I ever did before I had him now.”

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