New mum Emma Roberts' abs are toned AF in a rare bikini photo

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Emma Roberts is on full holiday mode in Italy in her latest post on Instagram. In the photo, the 31-year-old American Horror Story actress was caught mid-laugh while rocking a neon pink cheetah-print bikini—and her core is so toned. To complete the look, Emma wore pink sunless, a giant Dolce & Gabbana bag, and carried a wine glass (because why not?).

'@britelkin stop it right now 💕 🍾,' Emma wrote.

The caption matched perfectly with the photo, and fans were loving her energy. 'QUEEN! SO PRETTY,' said one user. '😍😍😍😍 beautiful !!!!!! omgggg,' added another. 'OMG GORGEOUS,' a third chimed.

Curious to know what Emma does to stay so toned? For starters, she's a regular in the gym.

In 2018 her trainer Andrea Orbeck shared that Emma's workouts are usually full of high-energy moves.

'[Emma is] very athletic, and she's a little dynamo, which is fun,' Orbeck told SELF. While their workouts are usually under one hour long, their sessions consist of cardio and strength training.

Being a new mum requires a lot of energy and patience. Luckily, Emma does everything she can to stay on top of her mental health. 'What's become routine—and this started during COVID, especially when I was pregnant—is meditating,' she revealed to Women's Health.

'I've been listening to The Spirited Soul podcast on Spotify. I find it resets me and makes me feel so rested. I'll do those before bed or even if I need a pick me up in the middle of the day. When my son is napping, I'll do like a little 15 minute one,' she added.

Keep it up, Emma!

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