Mum defies odds and gives birth to her second Christmas Day baby

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27 December 2012

Hamima Juma first welcomed her eldest daughter Maheera into the world on 25 December 2009 but was stunned when her little sister arrived on the same day three years later.

The perfectly timed Christmas presents both came a few days early for Hamima and her husband Maruf - having originally shared the same due date of 19 December.

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Maheera, was born at 9.05am and weighed 5lbs 12oz, while the couple's new baby girl - who they have no yet named - weighed 5lbs 11oz and was born at 10.30pm.

Proud mum Hamima gave birth to both girls at Coventry's University Hospital.

She said: “I used to joke with my friends that this baby would come early on Christmas Day again. - But that was only supposed to be a joke.

The 24-year-old added: “It shows that nobody knows what is going to happen. Once I went into labour my husband was willing the birth to be before 12 o'clock.

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“Maheera is quite excited - she can't wait to see her. I'm not sure what the chances are but it's quite a remarkable coincidence.”

Hamima and Maruf, 33, were in the middle of celebrating Maheera's third birthday at the family's home in Coventry when the contractions began.

Maruf added: “We had my sister who is a student midwife on stand-by because we knew what happened a couple of Christmases before.

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“So when she went into labour we were in safe hands to start with and we got Hamima straight to the hospital. I was praying for another Christmas baby - it's brilliant.

“Next year will be mad now, we'll have two birthday parties and a Christmas party to organise. But we wouldn't want it any other way - we've had a couple of Christmas miracles there and we feel truly blessed.”

Bookmaker James Desmond said the odds of the two births both coming on Christmas Day were ‘phenomenal’.

James said: “It is a long shot to have a baby on Christmas day, a one in 365 chance, but to have two born on Christmas day years apart puts the odds up to a phenomenal level.

“We would give you 133,225-1 chance of this happening if you came to put a bet on with us.”

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