Mugler teaming up with H&M on fashion collection

Courtesy of H&M

Designers at Mugler are collaborating with H&M on a "vibrant" new collection.

On Wednesday, executives at the Swedish high-street retailer announced that they are working alongside Mugler creative director Casey Cadwallader on the line, which is set to be unveiled in spring 2023.

Details remain under wraps, though the design team promised that the range will "encapsulate the unique and vibrant spirit of Mugler".

"H&M's history of designer collaborations is legendary and pioneering. For nearly two decades, H&M has been democratising high fashion by offering global audiences the chance to own special pieces of high-end designer history," a representative commented.

Founded by designer Thierry Mugler in the 1970s, the fashion house quickly became known for its avant-garde and futuristic couture, as well as a best-selling fragrance line.

Following Mugler's retirement and a succession of designers, Cadwallader signed as creative director in December 2017.

Mugler died at the age of 73 in January 2022.

In previous years, H&M's designer collaborations - including with the likes of Karl Lagerfeld, Stella McCartney, and Balmain - all attracted huge interest and sold out in minutes.