'Too much': Husband slams wife's funeral outfit

A woman has revealed her husband thought this dress was ‘too much’ for a funeral they were attending. Source: ASOS

By Rebekah Scanlan, Yahoo Australia

A woman has turned to an internet chatroom for help finding a suitable outfit for a funeral after her husband slammed her original choice.

The unidentified woman shared an image of a black ruffled dress from ASOS she had planned to wear, but was now unsure after her husband’s remarks.

“I already have this dress and have a funeral next week,” she began on Mumsnet. “I intend to wear it with black tights and black ankle boots with a small heel.”

The user — known as WillyNilly00 — added that while it appears short in the image, she was only 5 foot tall so it was “practically knee length” on her. 

“I thought it was perfect but darling husband seems to think it’s ‘too much’,” she continued.  “So would I be unreasonable to wear it?” 

Her fellow forum users were quick to jump to her defence, calling the dress “absolutely fine.”

I would wear that to a funeral,” one user wrote, while another called it “perfect.”

Honestly, you will look suitably dressed. As far as I’m aware there’s no law against showing a little bit of flesh,” another remarked. 

However some members were on the side of her husband, telling her the dress wasn’t really suitable.

While many supported her outfit choice, other Mumsnet users were on the side of her husband. Source: Giphy

“Hmm, I don’t really think it’s suitable funeral attire either. It’s the sort of style I’d wear on a night out,” one person said. 

Another declared “It is a bit short for a funeral”. 

While there were mixed reviews on the forum, no one seemed to be too concerned by the husband’s lacklustre offer of support.

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