This is how much the average family holiday costs, apparently

Alice Sholl
It all feels worth it once the sand is in between your toes [Photo: Pexels]

When it comes to budget-friendly travel plans, there are two words every family dreads to hear: “school” and “holidays”.

As prices for flights in July and August soar, it isn’t surprising many parents choose to take the kids out during school time and forfeit the approximately £120 fine instead.

But, on average, how much does a family holiday cost?

New research from Expedia has revealed that families spend an average of £4,800 on holidays a year, with the average trip costing £2,417 and lasting nine days.

The Evening Standard reports that families will also take two holidays a year on average, with 77% saying the experience is “priceless” and 79% believing that holidays are good for physical and mental wellbeing.

It isn’t surprising many families tend to opt for a cheaper staycation instead [Photo: Pexels]

Most of all, 80% said they used holidays as a form of escapism. 

Despite this, 59% of parents said they can’t afford to take their kids away during the summer holidays – preferring to opt for that government fine instead – and 54% of them have opted for budget-friendly staycations instead.

When it comes to actually saving for those holidays, 53% of parents said they had to cut back on treats and 45% said they had to work longer hours.

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