Moviegoer Arrested After Lewd Sexual Behavior During ‘Love Lies Bleeding’ Screening in Detroit

A moviegoer at MJR Southgate Cinema in suburban Detroit was arrested for allegedly engaging in lewd behavior during a screening of the new Kristen Stewart film “Love Lies Bleeding.”

The Southgate Police Department confirmed to Variety that a patron was arrested after a Thursday night screening of the noir-ish thriller and is still in police custody as of Friday morning. He has not yet been arraigned and no charges have been brought forth. “Love Lies Bleeding” is a sexually charged film about a pair of lesbian lovers that is set in the world of bodybuilding.

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A manager at MJR Southgate also confirmed to Variety that there was an ongoing investigation into the incident.

A NSFW photo of a man asleep in a reclining movie theater chair with his penis exposed was posted by Twitter / X user @UglyXKorean, who captioned the image, “Went to go see ‘Love Lies Bleeding’ and this drunk guy jacked himself off to sleep.” On the table next to the chair were several items, including two small bottles of liquor, a pack of cigarettes and his ticket.

@UglyXKorean also posted a picture of police walking through the lobby of the theater.

In the replies, @UglyXKorean confirmed the theater location and, when asked about the fate of the moviegoer, wrote that the police “arrested him. He was sitting in the back of the car when I left.”

“Love Lies Bleeding” debuted at this year’s Sundance Film Festival to strong buzz. Variety critic Owen Gleiberman wrote in his review that the feature “turns wild and garish, and you may think the film is losing control, yet [director] Rose Glass is fiercely in control of what she’s doing. She’s made a midnight noir that shoots over the top of our expectations but lands where it should, at a place where even valorous people have to go to extremes.”

Additional reporting by Jordan Moreau.

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