Move Over Minimalism, 3D Nail Art Is Here To Revolutionise Your Manicure

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3D Nail Art Is Here To Revolutionise Your ManiGianluca Palma - LAUNCHMETRICS SPOTLIGHT

At a moment when minimalist nails reign supreme, the latest turn in the world of nail art is a welcome (and surprising) alternative. 3D nail art has been not-so-quietly shaking up the manicure scene lately, veering from the softer, more subtle 3D floral accents to loud, abstract designs.

It's a trend that nail artist Iram Shelton says isn't going anywhere this summer. 'A 3-dimensional accent or enhancement on the nail offers a textured look and point of difference to your classic manicure and comes inspired by celebrities who are suddenly experimenting with crazy nail art,' she says. 'The trend was initially inspired by the Korean and Japanese nail artists who are known for their unique style of nail art and I've now started seeing more designs and variations of art as a result.'

Recent data (and a scroll of your own Instagram feed) confirms that 3D nails are high on the agenda this season, too. As for the biggest trends taking shape, 'flowers are having a huge moment with the 3D gel and lots of abstract shapes and swirls,' says Shelton. The main USP is that you can really get creative with 3D nail designs. 'I love taking a simple design and then adding 3D gel on it because it just takes it to a whole other level,' she says. ' I also love the idea of 3D nail jewellery; I always think of it as being a nail accessory.'

Keep scrolling for the best 3D nail art inspiration - and let your creativity run free...

The Best 3D Nail Art Inspiration

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