The move Kayla Itsines suggests if you can't do burpees

Morgan Fargo
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Photo credit: Kayla Itsines
Photo credit: Kayla Itsines

If you hate burpees, listen up – PT Kayla Itsines has a low-impact alternative to take the 'urgh' factor out of your home workouts. Brilliant for those suffering from painful joints or just a deep dislike for explosive plyometric movements, Itsines' suggested swap is kind on your knees and perfect for beginners.

"I encourage women to modify exercises to suit their needs and ability," she says. Why push through something that doesn't work for you when there are plenty of exercises that will? Scroll on for the low-impact move Itsines' wants you to swap your burpees out for.

Kayla Itsines' low-impact burpee alternative

"To replace a burpee with a low-intensity and low-impact exercise you could do a rocking chair push up," Itsines says. "If you’re starting out, drop to your knees for the push-up and then back up to your toes for the rocking chair."

"Similar to a burpee, this exercise works your whole body and is a great low impact alternative."

How to do a rocking chair push-up

This short video from Kore Nutrition will help break down each part of the movement.

First, you want to perform a push-up with your knees on the ground, then come up on your toes in an all-fours position to push back into a rocking chair position. That's one rep.

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