Mousachusetts: Swedish Art Group Install Detailed Rodent-Sized Miniature Displays Around Boston

A series of rodent-friendly miniature stores have appeared around Boston. The incredibly detailed installations, known as 'Mousachusetts', are the brainchild of a collective of Swedish street artists known as 'AnonyMouse'. Ten intricate 8-inch-tall shops span across five locations in the U.S. city. Among the stores are the 'Massachusetts Mouseum of Fine Art', which has its own prized collection of paintings, 'The Mouzette' magazine store; the 'Whiskers & Tail' alteration shop and a used-books shop called 'Anatoles'. In the event of an emergency, there's also the 'Mousachusetts Fire Brigade' on standby though it's highly unlikely that its frontliners have been trained to rescue cats stuck in trees. Mousachussetts' nooks and crannies appear very much alive, with battery-powered lights powered up during business hours. A close look at the installations reveals the displays use everyday human materials. “We're always on the lookout for human objects that we can use for other things than a human would – a matchbox becomes a table, a cork a chair, a bottle cap becomes a chimney or a bottle becomes a fire truck. So we never really stop 'working,'” explain the group. Each store took the artists around six months to create from start to finish, but the group has since sped up the process to take only about a month. The actual installation now takes only a few minutes, though AnonyMouse said they tend to install the pieces overnight so as not to be spotted. The group has installed more than 40 shops worldwide with most appearing in Sweden, France, and the Isle of Man.

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