Mother stands by viral reaction to dropping 7-year-old daughter off at 7-hour birthday party

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A mother defended her viral reaction to dropping off her 7-year-old daughter at a 7-hour party.

In a popular TikTok video, Teray (@moderatelycomfy) shared how she reacted when she dropped off her daughter at an almost 8-hour birthday party, where her 7-year-old would mingle among a group of 15 second and third-grade girls in the birthday girl’s backyard.

She told followers she was shocked that the parents hosting the party could handle that amount of children, adding: “The way I could never.”

In the comment section of the video, people accused Teray of mom-shaming, but the content creator said that was far from her intention.

“My first reaction was just like, ‘Wow,’” Teray explained to People. “My husband and I talked about it for almost two weeks before RSVPing. My daughter was very excited. It was going to be a lot of the girls that she plays hockey with and softball with. A lot of the girls are all in the same class.”

She continued, “We live in a very small community. We know the family and they’re fantastic. Our daughter has had play dates there before and we know what the backyard is like. It is the go-to backyard for anybody, even adults.”

The plush backyard has everything you could possibly want and need, according to Teray, with the space boasting a pool, hot tub, zipline, and multiple trampolines. She added, There’s grass for days and a lot of different lawn activities. It’s just a really good vibe.”

Her daughter couldn’t contain her excitement about the party, but Teray and her husband were a bit on the fence about the whole backyard extravaganza.

“We didn’t have any reservations about leaving her there for seven hours because we did know them,” she told the outlet. “Still, a lot can happen in seven hours, right? Our daughter still wears a life jacket. We were going back and forth with, we didn’t want her to be made fun of, So that was the big thing that we were concerned about, the water safety side of things.”

The mother said that she “simply could never” and added, “definitely was not expecting to get the audience that I got.”

“All of my videos relate to me as a mother with autism and ADHD,” she added. “My normal followers could understand what I was getting at, but I didn’t give enough context for the random person to understand why I was saying I could never do this. Unfortunately, because so many people don’t know what I usually talk about, they assumed I was being judgmental of her rather than being in awe of her.”

However, Teray ultimately applauded the birthday girl’s mother for being detail-oriented. She added that the mother was highly attentive while watching over the children. She made sure everyone layered up on sunscreen and offered a chill spot with a movie playing for anybody who needed to “decompress.”

“It was awesome,” Teray said.