Mother reveals the random places where toddler son falls asleep: ‘The dog is babysitting’

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A parenting TikToker has captured some of the strange places their baby falls asleep, with viewers amused by the toddler’s interesting choices for a nap.

In a TikTok video posted last October, the mother, who goes by the username @coenreign20, showed her baby, Coen, peacefully sleeping in some unconventional locations. The text at the start of the clip reads: “Our son falls asleep in the most random places.”

The video began with a clip of Coen sleeping on top of Mavis, the family’s dog, with Mavis appearing oblivious to the extra weight from Coen as she could be seen continuing to stare out the window.

While the dog seems content, it isn’t clear how Coen is comfortable in the position, which sees the toddler bent over the pet with his forehead resting on the carpeted floor and his legs completely stretched out in the other direction.

The next shot showed Coen, again face-down, sleeping on top of a robot vacuum cleaner, which was sitting in the corner of a room on the wooden floor.

During the nap, the toddler’s legs were again stretched out while he laid his torso on top of the vacuum cleaner.

In the final location, Coen could once again be seen sleeping on top of Mavis. However, this time Mavis was in her dog bed and appeared to be asleep as well, only for the dog to open her eyes as the video zoomed in, while Coen had his legs hanging off of Mavis, his arms hugging her by the belly, and his head face-down in the dog bed.


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“Who else’s kid is a weirdo?!” the caption reads.

The video has more than 21.2m views so far, with many viewers amused by the unique locations for a snooze, while others noted how sweet it is that Mavis lets the toddler sleep on her.

“The dog is absolutely loyal,” one person wrote. “Making sure he ain’t wake up him at all, at least you know his favourite position.”

Another person wrote: “That dog understood the assignment.”

However, someone else questioned whether Coen sleeps like this because he enjoys the warmth on his stomach.

“Could it be because he likes warm things on his tummy and pressure?” they asked. In response, the toddler’s mother left a comment responding: “Yeah exactly that!”


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The video also prompted some viewers to share similar anecdotes about their own family members who have fallen asleep in odd locations, just like Coen.

“My younger twin brothers also did this, it’s hilarious,” one user wrote in comments, while someone else said: “My niece falls asleep in weird positions... down on the sofa, on my head, oh let’s not forget under the kitchen sink.”

The Independent has contacted @coenreign2 for comment.

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