Mother hands out sorry note and gift bags to plane passengers in case toddler cries during the flight

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A Chinese mother and her 20-month-old toddler handed out 100 gift bags and sorry notes to flight passengers to apologise for any noise disturbance during the journey.

The mother, who reportedly hails from Jilin province, northeast China, was worried about her son crying out loud and causing disturbance to other passengers on her flight from Taiyuan on Saturday (3 September).

So, she prepared the gift bags to give to passengers as an apology in advance before the plane took off.

In a video that has gone viral on Weibo, the mother and toddler can be seen walking through the aisle of the plane as they distributed gifts to passengers.

According to South China Morning Post, the gift bags contained earplugs, cartoon drawings, and a handwritten apology message.

“My son is 20 months old and may get out of control and cry, I am afraid that he may disturb other passengers, so I’d better remind them ahead of the flight,” Wang told the outlet. “If parents show an attitude of gratitude and offer an apology to fellow passengers, I believe they can put up with the children.”

The video of Wang and her toddler has amassed over m views and 3,290 comments on Weibo.

Many people have praised the mother of one for her “kind gesture”.

“If I did encounter such a sweet and heartfelt experience, I think it would make my day,” one person wrote.

Another added: “Wow that’s so sweet.”