These Are The Most Secluded Places To Work Remotely In The UK

Nick Levine
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For those of us lucky enough not to have been furloughed, working from home has become – cliché alert – the new normal. And with the government now encouraging us to work from home “where possible”, it looks set to remain the norm for the foreseeable future.

The beauty of working remotely, of course, is that you can do it from anywhere you like. People who feel comfortable getting on a plane might already have looked into the best European cities for working remotely. For everyone else, there’s definite interest in new research pinpointing the most secluded places to work remotely in the UK.

If you’ve found yourself craving nature or a more peaceful way of life, these places are definite contenders for your “working staycation” wish list.

The folks at Small Business Prices compiled the list by taking into consideration several factors: the town or village’s average monthly rent and nightly Airbnb rate, its number of green spaces and cafés with WiFi, its distance to the sea, and its distance to a mainland train station.

The picturesque village of Lymm in Cheshire came out on top thanks largely to its high number of green spaces and cafés with WiFi. A night in an Airbnb there would set you back £80.

Linithgow in West Lothian, Scotland was right behind, followed by Whitby in Yorkshire. Both are a short walk from a mainland train station and a not-too-long walk from the coast.

The pretty villages of Keswick in Cumbria and Oban in Scotland also make the top ten. Not confidentially, they also appear on a recent list of the UK’s most beautiful staycation destinations.

Check out the top ten secluded places to work remotely below.

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