The most searched items in the UK during the coronavirus outbreak

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People are looking for bigger freezers. (Getty Images)
People are looking for bigger freezers. (Getty Images)

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The prospect of staying at home more during the coronavirus outbreak has left some people realising they need some new household items.

New data from Gumtree highlighted the top ten most searched for items during the pandemic, indicating the steps people are taking to prepare themselves.

Unsurprisingly, freezers ranked highest on the list with a 55% growth week-on-week.

Gumtree researchers said the data shows that people are looking at the coronavirus from a “practical” standpoint in a bid to turn their homes into “multi-functional spaces”.

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With people buying more food than their average weekly shop, the need for freezer space has become heightened in recent weeks.

Boris Johnson also announced that people who are able to work from home should do so.

This announcement is most probably the reason why the search for desks came in second place.

There was also a massive rise in people searching for weights to begin an at home workout routine - which came in third place.

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With a number of gyms and workout locations closing across the UK for social distancing reasons, people are looking to at-home workouts to keep their exercise routines up.

Meanwhile, the UK government has recommended that people who are social distancing can still exercise by running, walking or cycling out and about.

While cardio might be managed by an outdoors workout, people are clearly seeing a need for weights to keep up their strength-based routines.

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Another key search is the Playstation 4.

Due to self-isolation, many people are unable to get out of their houses. While they might be working from home during the days, people are looking to new activities to do during the weekends and evenings.

That, for many people - according to Gumtree - is playing on video games.

Other practical solutions include monitors to plug laptops into, office chairs and even Brompton bicycles.

A Brompton is a folding bicycle, although it’s not exactly known why more people are looking to buy folding bikes, we can guess that it’s because people are choosing to commute outdoors rather than on trains and tube lines.

The top ten list:

  1. Freezers (+55% growth)

  2. Desks (+50%)

  3. Weights (+63%)

  4. Chest (+39%)

  5. PS4 (+45%)

  6. Chest freezer (+48%)

  7. Brompton (+66%)

  8. Monitor (+56%)

  9. Office chair (+57%)

  10. Fridge freezer (+19%)

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