The Most Raved About Recipes from Our What's Cooking Facebook Group

Mary Shannon Wells

This year has been difficult to say the least, but one silver lining of 2020 is that we’ve been cooking at home more than ever before. As the Southern Living editors took to our home kitchens, we thought about our readers who were doing the same. What were they cooking during this time? In order to connect with our readers and find out how they were baking, slow-cooking, and grilling through the year, we created our What’s Cooking With Southern Living Facebook group. In the months since the group’s start, it’s grown to tens of thousands of members. Readers and editors can share their recipe successes (and funny failures), ask for tips and offer advice, and provide insight on cooking conundrums. The most amazing thing about it actually isn’t the delicious recipes that are passed around, but the disposition of the group as a whole. In a time when it’s practically impossible to get on social media without seeing negativity and hate, What’s Cooking With Southern Living has managed to stay positive, encouraging, and downright joyful. Compliments abound on a photo of a towering layer cake masterpiece. Sweet grandmothers give advice to 20-somethings hosting their in-laws for a holiday. Words of affirmation follow a post from a tired teacher and mother who isn’t sure what to cook for dinner after a long day. Recipes that bring back memories of childhood summers or family members who have passed bring comfort and warmth. Validation for a budding baker and “oohs” and “ahs” over the experts—you’ll find all of it in this group. If you scroll through the page, you’ll find plenty of Southern Living recipes that now have a permanent place in our readers’ repertoires. From old-school favorites like tomato pie and Italian cream cake to new endeavors like a twist on classic chocolate chip cookies and a curry chicken pot pie, these are the recipes that our What’s Cooking With Southern Living group keeps on hand.