These are the most popular names for babies born in February

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It's no longer January, which is cause for celebration in itself. And for some people, this month will be momentous for an entirely different reason: it'll be the month they're expecting a baby.

If that's you, the chances are you'll have been deliberating baby names for quite some time. Whether you know if you're having a baby boy or a baby girl or not, picking out a name for your child is a difficult decision, because it's got to last a lifetime. So if you're getting ever closer to parenthood and need a helping hand in the baby naming stakes, why not look to your child's birth month for inspiration?

Every year, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) collates data about all the names given to babies born in England and Wales. The most recent data available lists the top names for baby boys and baby girls born in 2019, so if you're hoping to seek inspiration from the names that are typically most popular this time of year, we've handily listed the boys names and girls names that have most recently topped the list in February.

Alternatively, you might fancy to source ideas from themed names relating to February, the month your baby will be born. So we've got some of them down at the bottom, too. Happy February baby name picking!

Top February baby names for boys:

  1. Oliver

  2. George

  3. Noah

  4. Harry

  5. Arthur

  6. Charlie

  7. Jack

  8. Leo

  9. Jacob

  10. Thomas

Top February baby names for girls:

  1. Olivia

  2. Amelia

  3. Isla

  4. Ava

  5. Sophia

  6. Isabella

  7. Freya

  8. Emily

  9. Grace

  10. Mia

Photo credit: Jasper Cole - Getty Images
Photo credit: Jasper Cole - Getty Images

February-themed baby names:

  • Amethyst (February's birthstone)

  • Violet (one of February's flowers of the month)

  • Primrose (another of February's flowers of the month)

  • Valentine (after St Valentine, who is celebrated in February)

  • Phoebe (because... it sounds a bit like February?!)

  • David (a Hebrew name meaning 'beloved', inspired by Valentine's Day)

  • Carys (a Welsh name meaning 'love')

  • Aquaria (an unusual name inspired by the month's star sign, Aquarius)

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