These are the most popular names for babies born in June

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Photo credit: katrinaelena - Getty Images
Photo credit: katrinaelena - Getty Images

It's June, and the summer is finally here. But if the sun isn't the only arrival you're expecting this month and you're also waiting on a tiny bundle of joy, then you're probably in the thick of baby name brainstorming right about now.

If your June baby is currently without a name and you're stuck for inspiration, then it might be an idea to take a look at what names for baby girls and boys are typically popular at this time of year. To give you a helping hand, we've sourced the list of most popular June baby names from the Office for National Statistics (ONS)' 2019 data, which is the latest set currently available.

Alternatively, you might not want to go with the crowds when picking a baby name, but instead might fancy theming it to the time of year your little one is born. If that sounds more like you, then we've got some June-inspired baby name suggestions for you to peruse down below...

Top June baby names for boys:

  1. Oliver

  2. George

  3. Arthur

  4. Noah

  5. Harry

  6. Leo

  7. Charlie

  8. Jack

  9. Freddie

  10. Muhammad

Top June baby names for girls:

  1. Olivia

  2. Amelia

  3. Ava

  4. Isla

  5. Isabella

  6. Sophia

  7. Grace

  8. Mia

  9. Emily/Freya(equal)

Photo credit: FamVeld - Getty Images
Photo credit: FamVeld - Getty Images

June-inspired baby names:

  • June (obviously)

  • Juno (inspired by the name of the month)

  • Alexander (after one of June's birth stones, Alexandrite)

  • Alexandra (same)

  • Pearl (another of June's birth stones)

  • Margot (meaning pearl)

  • Luna (inspired by June's third birth stone, moonstone)

  • Rose (one of June's birth flowers)

  • Honey (after honeysuckle, another of June's birth flowers)

  • Sia (Scottish Gaelic for 'six,' with June being the sixth month)

  • Gem (from June's star sign, Gemini)

  • Ray (as in, the sun)

  • Elio (from the name of the Greek sun god, Helios)

  • Arun (Hindi for 'sun')

  • Summer (as June marks the start of the summer in the UK)

  • Suvi (Finnish for summer)

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