The Most Popular Movies On Netflix Right Now Besides 'Uncharted'

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“Uncharted” is currently the most popular movie on Netflix, according to the streaming service’s public ranking system.

The video game franchise adaptation finally hit theaters in February 2022 and then joined Netflix earlier this month, after the COVID-19 pandemic significantly delayed its production and release. Starring Tom Holland, Mark Wahlberg and Antonio Banderas, “Uncharted” follows treasure hunters racing to recover a long-lost fortune.

In second place is the romantic drama “Purple Hearts,” which premiered on the platform on July 29. Former Disney star Sofia Carson plays a struggling musician who agrees to marry a U.S. Marine for military medical benefits but finds herself falling in love with him for real.

"Uncharted" on Netflix. (Photo: Columbia Pictures)

Other original movies from Netflix in the ranking include the new Indian American rom-com “Wedding Season” and Korean action thriller “Carter.”

As for older films, the 1997 classic “Men in Black” (as well as the 2012 sequel “Men in Black 3″) made the current list. The same goes for Blake Lively’s 2015 romantic fantasy film, “The Age of Adaline.” All three movies joined Netflix at the beginning of August.

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(Photo: HuffPost)
(Photo: HuffPost)

(Photo: HuffPost)

10. “Men in Black”

9. “Men in Black 3”

8. “Sing 2”

7. “Tower Heist”

6. “Wedding Season” (Netflix)

5. “The Age of Adaline”

4. “Carter” (Netflix)

3. “The Gray Man” (Netflix)

2. “Purple Hearts” (Netflix)

1. “Uncharted”

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