Stacey Solomon reveals the sweet Disney-inspired name for her new baby girl

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So, it turns out that Disney-inspired names for newborns are flourishing right now, with plenty of celebrities naming their babies after Disney movie characters.

Last week, Stacey Solomon gave birth to her fifth child with husband Joe Swash, and she recently revealed the adorable Disney-themed name they chose for their new daughter. Sharing two sweet photos to Instagram of their newborn sleeping, Stacey announced that she has been named Belle, who is of course one of central characters in Beauty and the Beast.

We also know, that after many, many baby name guesses, Molly-Mae Hague and partner Tommy Fury recently decided to name their daughter Bambi. In the lead up to her big baby name reveal, Molly said in a Youtube video that people were either going to "love it or hate it". The former Love Islander also said she’d had the name Bambi picked out since she was a kid herself. "Luckily when I met Tommy and I told him the name I've always dreamt of using, he absolutely loved it too," she said.

But it's not just a coincidence, as children’s toy retailer, The Kid Collective, has revealed the biggest jump in baby names right now are those that are Disney character-inspired. Although Bambi comes in at 4,634th most popular girl's name in the UK for newborns, we imagine Molly’s influence will see the name boom in the next few years.

Watch this space…

So, what are the other Disney name options out there for new parents? The retailer analysed current baby name data in the UK to find the most popular Disney names and found Alice to be the most popular, coming in at 31 overall, followed by Aurora (56th), Jasmine (92nd), and Anna in fourth (97th).

The fifth most popular Disney name for girls is Winnie (204th), with Flora (220th), Jessie (314th), and Belle (324th) following behind.

In ninth place is Minnie (416th), which might sound more familiar. Recently Stacey Dooley and her partner Kevin Clifton announced the birth of their baby girl, who is called Minnie. So sweet!

And last but not least in 10th place is Nala (428th), of Lion King fame.

For boys, Sebastian (38th) was the most popular Disney name according to the latest ONS data. Louis (50th) came second, followed by Felix (71st), Eric (132nd), and Rex (142nd).

The sixth most popular Disney name for boys was Remy (148th) – because who doesn’t love Ratatouille the movie? Flynn (227th) was seventh, Peter (233rd) eighth, Hector (257th) in ninth and Woody (356th) in 10th.

Founder of The Kid Collective, Laura Davies, said using Disney characters as inspiration is a great way to find unique and lesser-known baby names. “It’s so interesting to see how even the classic Disney films are influencing people’s decisions on what they call their baby,” she begins. “I can understand how difficult it is sometimes to choose a name for your baby - it’s a big deal!”

Another reason behind the rise in Disney names could be that it holds a more personal meaning. “I also like the idea that these babies will grow up to know that their name is based on their parents' favourite films and characters,” Davies said. “Perhaps they’ll go on to love the latest adaptations just like their parents too. It will be intriguing to see the next round of ONS data to see if ‘Bambi’ is appearing more frequently.”

The most popular Disney-inspired names for girls

  1. Alice (31st)

  2. Aurora (56th)

  3. Jasmine (92nd)

  4. Anna (97th)

  5. Winnie (204th)

  6. Flora (220th)

  7. Jessie (314th)

  8. Belle (324th)

  9. Minnie (416th)

  10. Nala (428th)

Bambi was the 4,634th most popular girl's name in the UK for newborns, with 4 babies registered with the same name in 2021.

The most popular Disney-inspired names for boys

  1. Sebastian (38th)

  2. Louis (50th)

  3. Felix (71st)

  4. Eric (132nd)

  5. Rex (142nd)

  6. Remy (148th)

  7. Flynn (227th)

  8. Peter (233rd)

  9. Hector (257th)

  10. Woody (356th)

We’re calling it, Bambi is going to boom.

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