Why more Brits will have sex tomorrow than any other time of the year

Danielle Fowler
Freelance Writer
More couples will have sex tomorrow than any other time of the year [Photo: Getty]

If you have yet to purchase a fan then you may need to pop to the shops stat, as tomorrow (July 26) is set to be the sexiest date of the year - with an increased number of couples planning to get hot and heavy beneath the sheets.

According to research conducted by IllicitEncounters.com, more couples will have sex between 10pm and 11pm than any other time of year.

Though it’s not entirely surprising, as the heatwave has rendered Brits across the nation sleepless with a majority of us left tossing and turning in the nude last night.

The study suggests that the sun acts as an aphrodisiac and leaves us all feeling a whole lot happier and more optimistic. Oh, and the need to shed our clothes and starfish across the bed after work is sure to give significant others the wrong idea.

But you’ll need to make sure to catch up on your shut-eye this week, as tomorrow marks the beginning of a lustful summer.

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The report reveals that 74% of couples are likely to have more sex from tomorrow onwards with forthcoming holidays providing the perfect opportunity to rekindle the relationship.

Do you and your partner plan to get hot and heavy beneath the sheets this weekend? [Photo: Getty]

Saturday is the most popular day of the week for couples to hit the sheets together with Fridays and Sundays following closely behind.

Interestingly, the last Saturday of the month is the most lustful day of the month, as it follows the most popular pay day for companies across the nation - certainly a mood booster, that’s for sure.

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“Get ready for Sexy Saturday - when we will be having more sex than any other day in 2019,” Jessica Leoni, IllicitEncounters.com sex and relationship expert, said. “There is a perfect combination of elements this weekend that will see couples getting it on more than any other time of the year.”

The most popular months of the year to have sex:

1 July

2 August

3 June

4 May

5 December

6 February

7 April

8 September

9 October

10 March

11 January

12 November

Most popular days of the week to have sex:

1 Saturday

2 Friday

3 Sunday

4 Thursday

5 Wednesday

6 Tuesday

7 Monday

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