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Most affordable countries to visit the beach

No. 9 Most Affordable Beaches: Algeria
Sunscreen: $5.46
Water: $0.91
Beer: $3.32
Ice Cream: $1.33
Lunch: $11.00
Total: $22.02
(Photo: Beach in Algeria/Salim Shadid/Flickr)

Most and least expensive countries for a visit to the beach

A day at the beach can end up pretty pricey, depending on where you decide to go and soak up some sun. Between the snacks, drinks and sunscreen, you can shell out quite a bit at some of the world’s most visited beaches.

But thanks to Travel Bird’s annual Beach Price Index, we’ve helped to narrow down which countries offer your the best bang for your buck when you want to go on vacation and spend some time on the beach.

The Beach Price Index looked at the prices for some of the most common items purchased at beaches: sunscreen, bottled water, beer, ice cream and lunch. They analyzed more than 300 beaches around the globe, and calculated the total cost for a day at the beach.

Averaging the costs of each beach in each country, this gallery shows the ten countries with the lowest average cost for a day at the beach, and the ten countries with the highest average cost.

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