The most hilarious memes from the 2023 Met Gala

best met gala memes 2023
The best memes from the 2023 Met GalaJamie McCarthy - Getty Images

The Met Gala 2023 kicked off in full force in New York last night, and heaps of celebs put their best glad rags on to walk up the iconic Metropolitan Museum of Art steps. This year, the theme was Karl Lagerfeld: A Line of Beauty - a posthumous retrospective of the late designer's work.

But while the first Monday in May is an opportunity for many famous faces to silently battle for the most memorable outfit, it's also the perfect moment for non-guests to get a viral tweet off the ground. Not to mention judge and discuss the rich and famous from the comfort of your own home.

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So, without further ado, may we present to you the best memes from the Met Gala so far. From Aubrey Plaza being Aubrey Plaza to Rihanna's IDGAF attitude, the internet has had a lot to play with this year. Let us all bless the meme gods...

Rihanna's lack of urgency

Fans were left in stitches last night as icon Rihanna achieved a new level of fashionably late. The star arrived at her hotel to get ready over an hour after the red carpet had started. Unbothered isn't even the word.

Aubrey Plaza

When you forget Aubrey Plaza's name in front of her, you know she's going to burn you in the most hilarious way. During a chat with Aubrey, Stella McCartney and Madelyn Cline, interviewer Chloe Fineman literally didn't know The White Lotus star's name. In classic Aubrey dry-wit humour, she flatly introduced herself as Audrey Supburn, an obvious Audrey Hepburn reference.

Doja Cat vaping

Let's be real - who else would you expect to dress up as Karl's beloved cat Choupette? There were no ifs or buts that it would be Doja Cat, prosthetics and all. But somehow, the Woman singer managed to draw attention to herself without even trying. The internet died when she was pictured vaping in the background of the Vogue live stream where Emma Chamberlain was interviewing BLACKPINK's Jennie.

Jared Leto's Fur Suit

Naturally, there was going to be more than one Choupette. However, Jared Leto's offering was a little more school mascot than fashion forward. Regardless, people were creasing over the moment, some finding the effort hilarious, some not so.

Olivia Wilde and Margaret Zhang's outfit blunder

Not sure how it happened, but Olivia Wilde and Margaret Zhang wore the same Chloé gown, but one in white and one in black. Obviously, there are jokes going around because of that, but it's also reignited the infamous blue/black vs white/gold dress moment from 2015.

For reference:

Cardi B's side eye

Cardi B dressed up as Karl Lagerfeld and giving an awkward side eye during an interview. That is all.

Doja Cat was method acting

Doja Cat wins the Met for her antics, no arguments. As well as dressing up as a cat, she responded to interviews like a cat. The 27-year-old purred the whole time and managed to keep a straight face. Sorry but we can't deal.

Lil Nas X did it too

Ngl all of the Choupette efforts were admirable, and the commitment to staying in character was commendable, too. Lil Nas X created his own version of the cat and left little to the imagination. He also went full feline like Doja and purred his way around the Met, leaving many fans at home in stitches, and wondering whether this year was also doubling up as a comedy event.

More of Doja being Doja

Just gonna leave this here...

The Met Gala red carpet quite literally got rinsed

Every year, the Met Gala has a different red carpet, and you can probably remember what it looks like thanks to Blake Lively always matching her dress to it.

The 2023 offering has had some people making jokes about it though, specifically that it's giving toothpaste vibes and is dentist approved.

Doja v Jared Choupette drama

There's only room for one winner guys...

A cockroach had its moment

Jokes when a videographer started filming a cockroach walking up the Met stairs rather than an actual celeb. You slay babes.

Unfortunately, shortly after its five minutes of fame, the little guy was stepped on, and people have been mourning the loss of the unexpected guest...

People had no idea Anna Wintour and Bill Nighy were an item

Isn't it crazy when you find out things you really ought to know about *major* celebs? Like the Anna Wintour x Bill Nighy relationship. So many Twitter users have been left stunned that they didn't know the head of the Met has been dating the actor since around 2015.

When Lizzo met Jared Leto as Choupette

Her face says it all, tbh...

Aubrey Plaza is a legend

Nobody else can get away with flipping off cameras like Aubrey Plaza can...

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