The most difficult houseplants to keep alive

Staff writer

Houseplants add a splash of greenery and vibrancy to indoor spaces, but keeping them alive can sometimes feel like an up hill task. Here are some plants you might want to avoid buying.

Some plants require a lot of TLC while others are happy with minimal watering and sunlight, these delicate specimens are susceptible to light, temperature and even being moved.

While Gardenias look beautiful and smell even better, they demand a temperature-controlled environment. This Goldilocks plant doesn't like it too hot or too cold - so chances are they're not going to last long.

Beautiful gardenia flower

If you're looking for a plant a little less showy, then Boston ferns can bring greenery and a touch of the wild outdoors inside. And while they're a natural air purifier, they do require the right amount of sunlight and temperature to thrive.

Boston Fern, Natural Air Purifier

The key to deciding on plants that will enhance your home but go the distance is understanding where they'll sit and exactly how much time you can devote to their care.

While some of us don't have that sort of commitment, some Millennials are weeding out the stress of mothering a four-legged friend and have opted to care for so called 'plant babies' as pet alternative.