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The most comforting books to read now

“I do not remember a time when I could not read, nor any time when reading was not both a joy and a solace,” wrote Emmeline Pankhurst in 1914, as women struggled for universal suffrage and Europe teetered on the precipice of war.

She knew only too well that during times of turbulence and uncertainty, nothing is so transporting, captivating, comforting or entertaining as a great book. Not only that, but act of reading itself is like tapping in to a community of fellow beings whose company is readily available, whose triumphs give us hope and whose wit and wisdom remind us all that we are not alone.

Here, the Town & Country team share their favourite uplifting reads for when times get tough.

The most comforting books to read now

From life-affirming poetry to classics that will lift your mood, find joy and reassurance in these beloved books

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