These are the most awkward moments from the Met Gala 2022

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If you've ever watched the Met Gala you'll know it's arguably one of the best celebrity events of the year, from the annual controversy over who gets - or doesn't get - an invite to the fact that the theme pretty much always causes ~passionate~ debate. It's a big night for us all, and this year certainly didn't disappoint.

All our favourite celebrities were out in force, all dressed to the theme of 'Gilded Glamour', and they're likely still tearing up the after party rn. But, if there's one thing award shows and big celeb events have taught us it's that just because you're famous doesn't mean things always go to plan. As per usual the 2022 Met Gala featured a bunch of very awkward and pretty hilarious moments. Here are our favourites...

That everyone thought this reporter was better dressed than half the guests

The theme 'Gilded Glamour' seemed to cause a little confusion for the celebs, who came dressed in a *variety* of outfits. However, one person who fans all agreed hit the nail on the head was reporter Genesis Suero.

Suero attended the event to host red carpet coverage for Spanish TV network Telemundo and ended up accidentally taking Twitter by storm after fans started saying she understood the assignment more than the actual celebrities on the red carpet.

Emma Chamberlain and Jack Harlow's bizarre interaction

While conducting red carpet interviews for Vogue, influencer Emma Chamberlain had a *very* odd chat with singer Jack Harlow about what he most looks forward to at the event, which ended with them each exchanging an 'I love you'. Even Twitter thought the whole thing was painfully awkward.

Nicki Minaj calling someone out on the red carpet

While climbing the stairs in her stunning black outfit she appeared to call out a man who she said leaked her attendance at the 2022 event. Was it a joke? Who knows. Was it uncomfortable af? Absolutely.

Another year of all the exes

As celebrity events go the Met Gala appears to harbour a very specific curse: it's essentially a petri dish full of people who've recently broken up / got with each other, and this year was no different.

Take, for instance, Austin Butler and Kaia Gerber making their red carpet debut. Also on the red carpet we had Austin's ex Vanessa Hudgens and Kaia's exes Jacob Elordi and Pete Davidson, who was there with his new girlfriend Kim Kardashian, while his ex Phoebe Dynevor was also in attendance. It's messy, basically.


You already know what this is about. Kylie Jenner's wedding dress x baseball cap ensemble had a lot of people talking. And not necessarily in a good way...

Theme confusion, yet again

Look, it just wouldn't be the Met Gala if there wasn't some element of theme confusion, now would it? However, this year seems to have taken that premise to new heights. The 2022 theme, 'Gilded Glamour' - referring to the period of extravagant materialism of 1870s America - seems to have stumped a few people, and while the likes of Billie Eilish and Lizzo got it bang on, fans were somewhat less impressed with other interpretations of the theme.

Errr, the celebrities are missing?

Okay, so obviously lots of celebrities were there, clearly this was not a celebrity-lite event, however in terms of fans' favourite Met Gala specific celebs, we were kind of left wanting.

Sure, we had Blake Lively, and thank god because Zendaya, Harry Styles, Rihanna, Taylor Swift, Timothée Chalamet and a lot of other core Met Gala heroes were nowhere to be seen.

Well, see you next year!

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