Morrisons Is Selling Magnums Of Prosecco For A Tenner

Marianna Gould
Photo credit: Morrisons

From Delish

Big fan of Prosecco? Then you'll be happy to hear about Morrison's latest Black Friday announcement. As part of the retailer's Black Friday deals, it's offering an entire 1.5 litre magnum of Prosecco for just a tenner. Yep a crisp £10 note people, and it's waaaay cheaper than a lot of other supermarket chains.

Asda is selling a bottle of Fillip Sansovino for an extra £6.50, whilst Aldi is sellng 1.5 litre bottles of Spumante DOC for £13.99. Told you, much cheaper.

Long story short - I know where I'm heading for my Christmas booze.

The supermarket retailer announced its deal via Facebook captioning the post with:

"Check out our Black Friday deals - pick up a magnum of Prosecco for £10 - that’s twice the size of a standard bottle - for a limited time only."

Twice as much fizz as in a normal bottle? Count me in! The magnum of Prosecco sounds like it won't be available for long, so I'd recommend snatching it up while you can.

Photo credit: Morrisons

BUY NOW £10.00

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