Morrisons Has Scrapped Milk Use By Dates In Favour Of 'Sniff Test'

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Photo credit: Morrisons
Photo credit: Morrisons

Ever thought about the amount of good quality milk that's being wasted daily? Thrown down the sink and forgotten about completely?

Well, believe it or not, milk is the third most wasted item of food and drink in the UK, with around 490 million pints wasted every year (according to The Wrap).

And the reason for such wastage? Use by dates.

It's estimated that 85 million pints of milk are wasted because customers follow the use by labels, even though it's proven that milk can be used days after this date.

And so, in a bid to do stop millions of pints being poured down the sink, Morrisons has decided to scrap use by labels on 90% of its own-brand milk.

A supermarket first, Morrisons will be asking customers to rely on a 'sniff test' to check the quality of milk, rather than depending on use by dates.

But don't worry, it won't all be down to your sense of smell. Morrisons' milk bottles will continue to come labelled with a best before date.

Photo credit: Morrisons
Photo credit: Morrisons

Ian Goode, Senior Milk Buyer at Morrisons, said, "Wasted milk means wasted effort by our farmers and unnecessary carbon being released into the atmosphere.

"Good quality, well-kept milk has a good few days life after normal 'use by' dates - and we think it should be consumed, not tipped down the sink.

"So we're taking a bold step today and asking customers to decide whether their milk is still good to drink. Generations before us have always used the sniff test - and I believe we can too."

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