Morrisons Reveal New Festive Drinks For Christmas

morrisons festive drinks 2022
Morrisons Announce New Christmas DrinksMorrisons

Nothing helps us get into the spirit quite like sipping on a festive drink while filling our trollies with our favourite Christmas movie snacks (we're talking party food, mince pies and, most importantly, mulled wine).

Which is why we we're beyond excited to hear that Morrisons had launched five new festive drinks to enjoy in-store. This Christmas, shoppers can enjoy:

  • Black Forest Hot Chocolate (£2.99): Decadent black cherry flavoured hot chocolate topped with whipped cream, cherry sauce and chocolate curls.

  • Black Forest Frappe (£2.99): Rich and creamy black cherry flavoured chocolate frappe decorated with whipped cream, tangy cherry sauce and chocolate curls.

  • Gingerbread Latte (£2.99): One of our all-time favourites. A classic latte flavoured with gingerbread, topped with a dusting of cinnamon, and served with an adorable mini gingerbread man on the side.

  • Gingerbread Iced Latte (£2.99): Prefer your gingerbread latte on ice? Morrisons has you covered with this festive treat.

  • White Hot Chocolate (£2.99): One for the sweet-toothed shoppers. Think: creamy and rich white hot chocolate topped with whipped cream and chocolate curls.

morrisons festive drinks 2022

And that's not all! If you find yourself hankering for something savoury, then head to Morrisons Market Street counter, where you can pick up a whole host of seasonal specials, including a Christmas Dinner Festive Slice (filled with chicken, stuffing and cranberries); a Three Bird Festive Pasty (packed with succulent turkey, chicken, duck, smoked bacon, cranberries and vegetables); and a Chunky Pig in Blanket Roll, topped with a paprika crumb topping. Delicious.

We're also eyeing up their giant mince pie, which is generous enough to feed 4 for just £2... though, if we're being honest, we'd back ourselves to polish it off single-handedly.

Morrisons festive range is available in-store now. Race you there!