Morrisons launch Jaffa Cake choc ices and all our dreams just came true

Ruth Doherty
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From Prima

Could you dream up a better pairing than Jaffa Cakes and ice-cream? Nope, we couldn't either.

So we were particularly excited to discover that Morrisons has answered the prayers of Jaffa junkies across the nation by bringing together the classic chocolate Jaffas and ice cream in its new jelly lollies.

The jelly lollies feature chocolate ice cream, topped with sweet orange jelly and a chocolate flavoured coating. They have already proven to be a hit amongst the Instagram glitterati, so customers will have to be quick if they want to get their hands on a box.

Photo credit: Morrisons

The even better news? At just 99 calories per lolly, they’re a slimline treat that will keep you cool on a lovely, balmy summer's day.

The Jaffa Jelly Lollies are just £1 for a pack of 5 and are available now in Morrisons stores and online.

And, if you're a serious Jaffa Cake fan (that's everybody, then?), you'll also love this new Jaffa Cake gin crafted with oranges, orange peel, cocoa powder and real life Jaffa Cakes. Did we say there couldn't be a better pairing than Jaffa Cakes and ice-cream? Jaffa Cakes and gin could be a contender.

It boasts an uncanny taste resemblance to the delicious baked treat, without being sickly sweet.

Photo credit: Atom Group

Its makers particularly recommend trying a Jaffa Cake Negroni. A simple mix, all you have to do is add 25ml each of Jaffa Cake Gin, Campari and Martini Rosso sweet Vermouth into a cocktail shaker with ice and shake. Strain into an ice-filled tumbler and add a touch of orange peel as a garnish.

Jaffa Cake gin and wine Jaffa Cake lollies... Summer diet, sorted.

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